Homestay near Legoland Malaysia – At Bandar Bukit Indah ? Or homestay near Legoland Malaysia

Homestay near Legoland Malaysia – At Bandar Bukit Indah ? Or homestay near Legoland Malaysia

homestay-lego-johor-aeon001Aeon Bukit Indah at the center of Bukit Indah Township 5 km to Legoland Malaysia

Homestay at Legoland , have you ever think or cross your mind why the writer brings you the homestay topic ? Nowadays, especially the local travellers and quite a big number of foreign tourist already seeking homestay,- guesthouse or vacation house .

Why homestay accommodation is now an option to the large numbers of tourist? – travelers whether the local or foreign travelers search for for lodging for various reasons such as more space, flexibility, facilities, budget, prime location and others .

For example, accommodation at Legoland Malaysia is crowded by local residents for the reason of flexibility. The advantage to the guest is  to add more nights and the rate is lower while providing more value and  so on…

Homestay Legoland MalaysiaBeautifull landscaped environment at Bukit Indah Township, just 5km from Legoland Malaysia connected with high speed 6 lane Coastal Highway

Homestay Legoland Malaysia at Bandar Bukit Indah – A beautiful residential township plus commercial area at Bandar Bukit Indah. Aeon Mall, Tesco and Giant  hypermarket is  located in Bukit Indah Town Center – just 20 minutes from Senai Airports, 15 minutes drive from Johor Premium Outlet  and loads of facilities, making the township the best place to live in around Nusajaya, Legoland Malaysia and Nusajaya and Iskandar City. The grass are green and the trees planted beautifully along the street.

homestay-near-lego-aeonBukit Indah,  Township in the district of Johor Bahru , merely 7 minutes drive to Legoland

For us people in J2C2 , our experience  searching for  for accommodation in Penang is somewhat a bit shocking experience . It’s not entirely surprising but somewhat unexpected . Why ?

The reason is that the entire period of the whole 2 weeks before school break starts such as during the month of December in Malaysia , almost all the home stays or guest houses arefully booked and reserved . The number affected  is not including hotels and motels. The average accomodation were also been booked by travelers or tourist from out of state or non local travelers .


Giant Bukit Indah,  Township in the district of Johor Bahru

One more interesting thing if not funny or we would like to say mild surprise, is that searching the homestays and hotels through the online ads such as Google or  Yahoo  and then we made calls to the particular homestays or hotels is nearly 99% reserved or booked .

When the crew J2C2 made calls to the listed homestays or hotels , we could only hear the staff over the line says apologize Sir, Encik , Puan , our homestay already booked , some are booked two months before the schoool break start!! Think about that , there was so much demand for home stay for that period of time!

Homestay Legoland -Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah

If you decided to stay in a home stay or guest house near or  close to Legoland , Jusco Aeon Bukit Indah is the  nearest shopping complex next to the Legoland Malaysia. Its the biggest one in the whole of Legoland Malaysia area. Not to mention the longest ever for the time being in the whole Legoland Malaysia.

The best part is Bukit Indah Township is connected to Senai / Johor Bahru  Airport by the 6 lane Expressway and it only takes 20 minutes driving away . No traffic jam or congestion. You see the highway Exit goes directly into the heart of Bukit Indah Township via Exit 308 ( or Exit Bukit Indah / Horizon Hills ) .

It’s only 4 miles or 7 minutes driving a car from Legoland Johor as well as from  Senai airports . Bukit Indah homestay and guest hoouse offers you the most convenient way / route to connect to international airport and Legoland Malaysia in Nusajaya.

homestay -hotel motel rate at Legoland MalaysiaGranada Hotel at the center of Taman Bukit Indah Township , Johor Bahru

In term of pricing homestay rate or guesthouse near Legoland Malaysia offers you more value compare to hotel or motel room rates. This is because hotel rate or motel rate near Legoland Malaysia is higher around the area.

For the room rate of RM180- RM290 for hotel around Legoland Malaysia, or within radius 5km of Legoland Malaysia you will only get a single hotel room. This usually in the form of Standard or Deluxe room which come with a double bed / queen / king size. For addtional bed normally require you a RM30 to RM40


Hotel Rate Within 7km radius of Legoland Malaysia compare to Homestay Rate

traders hotel alternatif homestay legoland malaysiaTrader Hotel view to Puteri Harbour near Legoland

Hotel rate around Legoland Malaysia are as follows (From minimum Standard Room):

1.Hotel room rate for Traders Hotel, 5km from Legoland Malaysia – RM465 per/night, per room

2.Hotel room rate for Legoland Hotel – within walking distance to Legoland Malaysia Dry and Wet Park –RM740 per/night , per room, 1 king size and double decker for 3 children

3.Hotel room rate Granada Hotel at Bandar Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru – 5km from Legoland Malaysia – RM230 per/night, per room

4.Pariss Hotel room rates at Bandar Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru – 5.5km from Legoland Malaysia

-Deluxe King Bedroom                     197 MYR
-Family Jumbo Bedroom                   222 MYR
The above rates for Pariss Hotel excluding GST Tax per/night, per room

The above hotel or accommodation room rates for the four hotels within 7km radius from Legoland Malaysia or 7 minutes drive by car.

Below are the star ranking for the four hotels:
a. Traders hotel is a 5 star (with swimming pool)
b. Legoland Hotel is a 5 star (with swimming pool)
c.Granada Hotel is a 3 star (without swimming pool)
d.Pariss Hotel is a 3 star (without swimming pool)

Homestay Rates and pricing vs. Hotel Rate near Legoland Malaysia vicinity

Homestay or guest house rates in Taman Bukit Indah Township normally range as follow:
a. 4 bedrooms house – not less than RM300 for single-storey homestay
b. 4 bedrooms house – not less than RM350 for double-storey homestay
c. 3 bedrooms house – – not more than RM300 for double-storey homestay
d. 3 bedrooms house – – not more than RM250 for single-storey homestay
The above homestay accommodation rate depend on peak and non-peak season. The rate is higher for peak season and long school break

We hope the above brief explanation will help you to decide which hotel, homestay or guest house that suit you and your family needs.

Or for peaceful of mind when booking homestay here please go to:-

Home stay Near Legoland Malaysia in Johor Bahru

House in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The cool 2 storey terrace landed home with high ceiling and ventilation windows offers you good air circulation. The homestay are fully furnished. Only 350m to Aeon Shopping Complex, Nusajaya (the one and only biggest shopping complex in Nusajaya, the second longest shopping complex in Johor Bahru after Aeon Tebrau) and  7-10 min drive to Legoland Malaysia. Lot of spaces for 8 peoples and for those seeking nearby food outlets restaurants is just 2-3 minutes walk from the homestay

Homestay Near Legoland Malaysia

Homestay Near Legoland Malaysia

Homestay Near Legoland Malaysia



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